We've been crazy for kittens lately for Dog Days.

Today, we got to meet Tiny. She may be small physically but, her personality? It's larger than life. She's very talkative, curious, playful, and mostly just wants to be loved as she displayed while we were on Facebook Live this morning:

Snagging a picture of her proved to be a bit difficult as she was SO ready to receive pets from everyone in the room. That's why I ended up with photos where she looks like she's not having a good time:

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TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

I swear, it's like I can hear her saying, "Really?"

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Tiny is up to date on her vaccines and ready for her forever home! If that's you (fingers crossed), contact the SPCA of SW Michigan today to see what the next steps are to bring Tiny home. You can find their website here.

Why So Many Kittens?

Katie Timber, from the SPCA of SW Michigan, generally tries to rotate between dogs and cats when she visits us for Dog Days. Recently, she's been bringing in kittens because they are still seeing an influx at the shelter.

When I asked why she explained that, over the pandemic, people weren't able to access their veterinarians to fix their animals. As a result, "kitten season" has been a bit overwhelming this year.

Want to help out by fostering? Learn more here.

Any Events Coming Up for the SPCA of SW Michigan?

Yes! Like their 12th Annual 5k Doggie Dash where you can run with your dog.

That's coming up on September 17th and registration is open. As a reminder, you're not required to run with your dog. However, if you choose to, they must be well behaved and leashed at all times. Learn more on SPCA of SW Michigan's Facebook event page.

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