Today, for Dog Days, we met this sweet girl, Debbie.

Debbie is considered a 'senior citizen' dog. It's thought that she's about 9-11 years old and, honestly, just wants a home where she can take a load off her feet and relax.

Debbie is very calm as well as kind. Since she's older, you won't have to worry about training, figuring out ways to help her burn all of her extra energy, or that puppy-like urge to chew literally everything.

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With her demeanor, Debbie would be a great fit for any home. Animals, kids, people...she gets along with all of them! She's up to date on her shots and is ready for her forever home. If that's you, please contact the SPCA of SW Michigan to arrange a meet and greet with any other animals. And, make sure to bring a copy of your lease if you are renting.

As you can probably's cold outside. With that being said, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the SPCA's program, Cold Noses Warm Hearts. Should you see any dogs or cats that are outside during the winter, the SPCA will help create a warm shelter for them without any judgment. They just want to make sure that all animals are safe and have a warm place to go. Contact should you see any animals outside that need shelter.

As well, the SPCA also offers an animal food bank. Again, no questions asked, no judgments. Should you be in need simply stop by the shelter. Find their address here.

And, as always, even if you can't adopt Debbie, sharing her story helps! Let's get the word out and find this girl her new forever home.

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