If your life is feeling a tad dull, this cat will change that instantly.

This is Cosmo, our featured pet for Dog Days. Cosmo is about 10 weeks old, completely gray, and the most energetic ball of fluff we've ever had in the studio. He wanted to be held, then he wanted to check out the ground, then he wanted to see what was on the desk, then he wanted to play with my headphones all in about the span of 2 minutes.

He's so friendly but be prepared to play A LOT if you adopt this kitten. There's video footage of Dana, Katie Timber, and myself all trying to keep this kitten in one spot while we were live on-air...

Cosmo seems to do well with other animals and kids, too. He would be perfect in any home. Keep in mind that he's still a baby. To save your couches, curtains, and whatever else a cat might claw, try snagging a couple of scratching posts and placing them around the house. Or, if Cosmo is like my cat, just throw down some cardboard and he'll be thrilled.

Cosmo is available for adoption from the SPCA of SW Michigan as I type this. As is his sister, Lotus. Both are described as very rambunctious. If you're feeling up to it, perhaps they could be adopted together. However, it's not required.

Find the SPCA of SW Michigan's hours, address, and all of the animals currently available for adoption here.

Now is the Time to Adopt

Why is now a great time to adopt? First, because shelters across the country are currently at or over capacity. Adopting helps not just the animal you're welcoming into your home but it also provides relief for whichever shelter you're adopting from.

Second, the Bissell Pet Foundations Empty the Shelters event is currently ongoing at the SPCA of SW Michigan until July 31st. Pet adoption fees have been reduced to $50 in an effort to clear the shelters and help find these animals their forever homes. Learn more here.

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