Looking for the purrfect addition to your home? Yes, I am aware of how cheesy that is. But, I'll do whatever it takes to find this kitten her new forever home!

Meet Bridgett. Bridgett is a tiny little thing. She's about 4 months old and has the softest fur. Her coloring is a bit unique...it's a bit like a calico.

She's apparently a sleepy little thing...

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Ope! And, she's awake!

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

And, she is quite a spitfire. A bit sassy, if you will. She'd made the perfect family pet and, as far as other animals are concerned, she was a little hesitant around dogs but, had no problem setting her boundaries. Since she is a kitten, she should adapt rather easily.

If you're interested in adopting Bridgett, or any of the other cats and dogs currently at the SPCA of SW Michigan, you can either contact them or just stop by today during their normal business hours. Find their phone number, address, list of adoptable animals, and more here.

Let's Talk Abou the SPCA's Long-Stay Dogs

The SPCA of SW Michigan does an incredible job of finding homes for the animals that come through their shelter. But, sometimes, animals end up staying in the shelter much longer than they should.

Perhaps, people are looking for puppies or kittens instead of adult animals. Regardless, there's a list of dogs that have been deemed "long-stay". Meaning, they've been at the shelter for three months to two years.

For the month of January, the adoption fees for these long-stay dogs have been reduced to just $20:

Some of the dogs on that list have already been adopted but, there are still plenty that are awaiting their forever home.

Here are a few reasons why you should adopt an adult dog:

  • They're potty trained. Forget the painstaking time it takes to train a puppy how to use the bathroom outside. These dogs are pros.
  • They're calmer. Yes, adult dogs still love to play but, their demands will be less exhausting than that of a new puppy
  • They're done teething. You know how puppies go through a stage where they have to chew on EVERYTHING? Adult dogs (most) are over that!

As we've seen, adult dogs are often overlooked by adopters. But, they have just as much love to give as a puppy. If you're able, consider adopting one of the long-stay dogs today.

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