Meet Baby!

Baby is a small to medium-sized dog; even though I thought she was still a puppy, she is fully grown. She's about 2 years old.

Now, Baby is timid and a bit shy but, also very sweet. I have no doubt she'll warm up once she's placed in a safe and permanent home with her new family. However, she'll probably do best in a home that's normally calm and quiet.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Baby is up to date on her shots and should do well in a home with other animals. But, you can always arrange a meet and greet with your dogs to see if they get along.

You can contact the SPCA of SW Michigan here to arrange it. They have an open yard where the two dogs can interact without feeling threatened or territorial.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Even here, where she looks timid, you can see that tail was wagging when I took this picture. She really is a kind dog who just needs the right home.

If you think Baby is perfect for you, she's available for adoption today! And, if Baby isn't for you, that's okay. You can see all of the other animals that are up for adoption right now at the SPCA of SW Michigan here.

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If You Can't Adopt...

There are still ways to help the SPCA of SW Michigan and the animals they're working to find forever homes for. Like:

  • Volunteering. You can help walk dogs, work the front desk, help with events, and more
  • Donate. Whether monetarily or with requested items, anything will help
  • Fostering. The SPCA pays for all food and medications. You simply provide a place for the animal to just relax and get a break from the shelter.

Learn more about how you can help here.

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