I'm not what some would call a "runner". I lack the motivation and the fact that my asthma flares up every time I step outside tends to slow me down. Now, I have done a few 5k's in the name of charity but apart from that the only thing that will get me to run long distance is a zombie apocalypse.


I have a healthy respect for anyone who can complete an actual marathon. Twenty-six miles of running? It blows my mind. So, imagine my surprise when I learned about ULTRA-marathons.

An ultramarathon is defined as anything exceeding the length of the standard marathon which is just over 26 miles. And a woman from Michigan just shattered an ultramarathon world record.

As reported by Click on Detroit, Des Linden, a native of Rochester Hills, just ran 50 kilometers, or 31 miles, in less than 3 hours. She beat the record formerly held by Aly Dixon by 7 minutes with a total time of 2 hours, 59 minutes, and 54 seconds.

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Obviously, training for that kind of race must be grueling, right? Well, not for Des Linden! In her interview with Click on Detroit she detailed her "Des-tober" month where, back in October, she ran the miles of the date each day. So, on 10/1 she ran one mile. On 10/2 she ran two and so on. Overall she ran 496 miles in a month. On second thought, it sounds like training wasn't grueling for her at all.

You ready to be even more impressed with this Michigan woman?

She may be going to the Olympics to show off her running skills. In February of last year she competed in the Olympic trials and finished 4th which makes her an alternate for the Tokyo Olympics. Whether or not she'll get the call is anyone's guess but what an amazing accomplishment!

To stay in shape, she's continuing to run marathons. And who knows? Maybe we'll see this Michigander at the Olympics! Check out Click on Detroit's full coverage of Des Linden's amazing accomplishment below:

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