Does this sound familiar? I'm happy for Kalamazoo's latest lottery winner. I'm glad he or she won. But....not that happy. And it's not necessarily because I'm jealous, though that factors into it, too.

The Michigan Lottery announced Friday that a ticket bought at the Speedway gas station, at Sprinkle Road and Miller Road, in Kalamazoo, matched the five white balls drawn Thursday night - 01-10-15-28-34 - to win the big prize. Whoever won is the 23rd winner of the lifetime prize in the Lucky For Life game.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Again, not jealous, but thinking out loud, what are the odds? First of all, winning any kind of major lottery prizes, the odds are astronomical, but the other factor is: What are the odds of another Kalamazoo winner? We've now had two winners this year?

I guess an optimist says 'third times the charm" and the pessimist counters with, "ain't no way there's another one." And, of course, the Lottery counts on the fear factor, "Could I live with myself if I didn't play and my numbers came up?" Yeah, I've been there, I understand. Happy for the winner. Just wish it had been somebody from the UP.


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