When I first heard of 'Michigan Time' I thought it was a joke on Michiganders being late to work or school but it really is a thing. The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has had 'Michigan Time' implemented since 1930 when it was proposed at a dean's meeting by the president of U of M Alexander G. Ruthven.

It isn't just an excuse for running late for work or school. It's legitimately a ten minute grace period allotted to students traveling across the University of Michigan campus going from class to class. The end of "Michigan Time" will begin starting May 1st, which will be the start of the Spring semester.

Apparently, U of M isn't the only school that operates on "Michigan Time" which is why Provost Martin Philbert told The University Record why it's so important they end it so the school can run smoother with more school-related participation becoming possible for students:

Currently, there is no uniform time around campus and start times vary among all schools and colleges. The change comes as we have seen an ever-growing need to have students take interdisciplinary classes and to utilize classrooms and other spaces to their fullest extent. The adjustment to start times will allow for increased collaboration and more classes to be taken by all students. University meetings operate on the hour and this will facilitate faculty and student participation.


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