Detroit Metro airport is making it easier to explore the airport without having to buy a ticket. Whether you want to visit a restaurant or shop, you no longer have to wait 24 hours to have access to airport terminals. And there are other great reasons why this makes life easier for non-ticketed visitors.

DTW Destination Pass

According to the DTW website, The DTW Destination Pass gives non-ticketed visitors access to the McNamara and Evans terminals. The pass can be obtained by applying through designated kiosks in the Evans and McNamara terminals.The Evans Terminal kiosk is in the ticket lobby near the elevators on the Departures Level. The McNamara Terminal Kiosk is in the ticket lobby near the Westin Hotel entrance on the Departures Level. 

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How to get a DTW Destination Pass

After scanning your driver's license or passport, your pass is available in minutes. A process that used to make visitors apply for a pass a day in advance. Once cleared and your pass is printed, the next step is to head to TSA where Destination Pass holders are still subject to the same security screenings as ticketed passengers.

Perks of DTW Destination Pass

Visitors will have access to the McNamara and Evans terminals between the hours of 5am-9pm any day of the week. Visitors under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult. The pass allows visitors access to shops and restaurants but there are other great perks too. Visitors can watch planes, surprise loved ones at their gates, and spend extra time with them before departing. Which makes for a less stressful travel experience and creates more memories with family and friends.

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