A recent viral video accuses the Detroit Medical Center of giving mandatory overtime to employees as Christmas gifts.

The Nurse Erica has a tremendously successful TikTok channel where she fights for the rights of medical workers. She currently has 462.7 thousand followers and 11 million total video likes. The Nurse Erica uploaded a video four days ago claiming that nurses were given the worst Christmas gift ever. That video has been viewed nearly half a million times.

According to the video below, nurse administrators were handing out coupons as Christmas gifts giving the nurses an overtime shift in the unit of their choice. If this is true, mandatory overtime is likely the worst Christmas gift of 2022.

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Over a thousand people have commented on how they feel about this reported "gift."


Administrators: all we have to do is change the narrative to sound positive, let’s spinet as if we’re giving them a choice


My gift of nothing is better than this

Mercedes Jones

The resignation on the back


Where can this gift be returned


One year, our gift from our radiologists (who make 800k a year) was one clementine apiece . Last year: 1 tin of popcorn to split w/ 12 people.


At this point, they are just mocking the nurses

Other than the video from Nurse Erica that shows the coupon that DMC was allegedly handing out, I cannot confirm these reports.  I reached out to PR/Media contacts at Detroit Medical Center and received this response from Director of Communications & Media Relations Brian Taylor,

This is not the case. An individual made the video post as a joke. We are not giving coupons for mandatory overtime as gifts.

We are still looking into the source of the video to find out if it was a joke, or if it was real.  Please let us know if you or someone you know received one of these coupons as an employee of the Detroit Medical Center.  We received this anonymous email stating that this did actually happen,

Regarding the DMC coupons, yes they were handed out the week leading up to Christmas by our nursing supervisor/administrator. She was wearing a Santa-like outfit and passing these out to all employees. I’m not sure if it was mandatory overtime like everyone thinks it is tho. Regardless, morale is at an all-time low at receiving, so this didn’t make matters any better! This is in fact something that actually occurred and staff is not very happy.

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