Comedian Dave Chappelle surprised a small Ohio town with intimate shows last Saturday and Monday.

People that live in the Dayton, OH area are no strangers to Chappelle throwing parties.  He's thrown huge "Juke Joint" parties on a farm in Yellow Springs, OH many times in the past.  Yellow Springs is a very small village, population 3,700, about half an hour East of Dayton.  These "Juke Joint" parties would draw a crowd of thousands of people to see famous musicians and comedians.  The two pop up shows that Dave threw less than a week ago were very different.

For one thing, the crowd was limited to 100 people for each show.  For another, these two hour long shows were strictly comedy based with guests like Michelle Wolf, Gabe Kea and of course Dave Chappelle.

As Chappelle's comedy specials lately have taken a more serious and political turn, it was no surprise the ended each show talking about the unrest going on in America right now.  Here's what a Dayton resident who attended one of the shows told,

Dave spoke about current events that no one has heard him say before.  Trump, George Floyd, racism, his Netflix specials, a restraining order against a man from Fairborn, and his son getting tear gassed in Beavercreek at a protest.

Everything Dave Chappelle does lately either sells out or gets a ton of worldwide attention.  There's no word yet on how or when these performances will be released to the public.

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