There's a bit I do on the radio, "A journey to the center of stupid." This is a little holiday trip down memory lane, based on that idea. Come take a ride with me.(Upfront disclaimer: There's some very serious issues going on right now nationally, that while they do qualify as stupid and/or criminal, are also tragic and are not fair game for this list.)

So here are Benson's Top Five Turkeys of 2017.

1. The President's Twitter Account.  Come on, Don. "Covfefe" is one thing, but you're the President. (To be honest, one of the reasons this is on here is I resent that it's made Twitter so over-the-top political. I miss my Twitter when it was just fun. Now it's all political ranting bs. I wanna go back to the old way. (Honorable mention: Fearless leader looking up at the sun during this summer's eclipse)

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2. The Atlanta Falcons. If you just ran the ball in the second half, you'd be the Super Bowl champions.

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3. Kalamazoo's downtown Bike Path. I'm sorry, but a small, very vocal, politically- connected group is reversing some of the gains that downtown Kalamazoo has made in the past decade.

Google Street View

4. Price-Waterhouse's accountants at the Oscars. Not sure if oops is an excuse.

5. A co-worker suggested this and it makes some sense. P.J. Fleck, for leaving us, and taking the Minnesota job. Can't blame a guy for trying to move up, but still, we had a lot of fun last year, and he's turkey for leaving us.

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Love it. Hate it. Think I'm an idiot. That's ok. Somewhere in all that is the truth. Now go and enjoy your turkey.