Parents, think twice before throwing out your adult children's belongings.  It could cost you big time.

David Werking must have had a porn collection that would have made Only Fans blush.  Last December the 43-year-old man won his lawsuit against his parents for tossing is porn collection in the trash.  Thursday, a judge ordered the man's parents to pay him and his attorney a total of $45,000.  This case has been going on longer than the average porn star's career.  Here's the quick back story.  Let's start with, why did a man in his forties leave a gigantic porn collection at his parents in the first place.  APNews answered that question,

He lived at their Grand Haven home for 10 months after a divorce before moving to Muncie, Indiana.  Werking said boxes of films and magazines worth an estimated $29,000 were missing.

Apparently, his parents were not thrilled at the gigantic collection of adult films, magazines and toys and destroyed it all.  The judge sided with the man suing his parents back in December of 2020 basically saying that it was clear that the large amount of items they destroyed clearly belonged to David Werking and not his parents.  Eight months later the judge awarded the David Werking a total of $45,000 according to MLive,

U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney in Kalamazoo ordered Beth and Paul Werking to pay $30,441.54 to their son and $14,519.82 to his attorney.

Clearly his parents shouldn't have destroyed their son's property.  However, it is odd that a man would sue his parents.  Especially after letting him live with them for almost a year after his divorce.  It turns out, he originally asked for $75,000 for damages in the suit.

Now that the suit is over, the family can now move on.  I doubt they'll have Thanksgiving dinner together anytime soon.

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