Get ready to get dirty and have some fun in Comstock.

I think this is so cool and something I have always wanted to do, but I just don't have a green thumb.

The Comstock Township Parks & Recreation has announced the opportunity for anyone to take part in their community garden!

Their garden is located just east of the Comstock Community Center and the plots are are available for anyone who would like to do a little gardening this summer. The plots are 4ft x 12ft and the cost is only $10.00. If that wasn't enough of a great deal the ad says "some vegetable and herb plants will be provided!"  

For those who have never worked on a small garden here are some great tips from

  •  Select ‘compact,’ ‘dwarf’ and ‘mini’ varieties.
  •  Plant seeds closely and harvest vegetables small, following with successional sowings.
  •  Use any sunny plot of land you have, plus containers. Replace soil in pots yearly to avoid disease.
  • Avoid crops that mature slowly (such as bulb onions and winter brassicas) and those that take up a lot of space (such as potatoes and most types of zucchini).
  •  Grow carrots, turnips and beets, which produce small, tender roots quickly, and fast-growing green, leafy vegetables such as spinach.
  • Grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in pots, cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets, and beans and cucumbers vertically on trellises.

If you are interested in taking part in the Comstock Community garden you can call (269)-343-8212.


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