This 27-year-old Southwest Michigan woman has been gaining a following while having fun on the popular social media app.

Alisha Marie, a.k.a. @alishamarie450, a self proclaimed "stoner mom" according to her TikTok bio, currently has 24.3 thousand followers along with 325.5 thousand total video likes.  Alisha has been uploading video on this profile since September of 2018.  She is an OG, as TikTok just became a thing in August of 2018.

One of Alisha's most popular video follows the theme of destroying a gaming system in the name of "cleaning it up for my boyfriend."  I'm not sure how or why this theme took off the way it did.  However, Marie's video "cleaning" a special edition Xbox in the kitchen sink did very well with over 353 thousand views and 33.6 thousand likes.

Then there is her video response to a negative comment on the Xbox video where she's wearing cute dinosaur PJs that has been viewed nearly 40 thousand times.

Alisha jumped on another hilarious trend.  You know, the ole "I'm so bad at murder" trend.  OK, I realize that sounds far more alarming than funny.  Just watch the video below.

And finally, Alisha's most watched video.  No shade intended on this TikToker what so ever. I just don't know why this video blew up the way it did.  This TikTok did so well, she uploaded multiple different versions of it.  The video below has been viewed at least 1 million times with over 176 thousand likes.

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