My first thought was "I have to cut back to 25 cups a day?" Yes, I was going for the punchline. I don't actually drink more than a couple of cups of coffee a day. But since any and everything we like has a study saying it will kill us, and then, a year or so later, says it's actually okay, my answer is to just laugh, but only after I have another sip of this magnificent java.

Earlier this year, eggs got the bad press. So...wait for it, wait for it...guarantee you, there will be a study that makes eating eggs okay again, in about 2020 or 2021.

Bottom line: There are few things I enjoy more in life than a good cup of coffee. Growing up, my mother made it the old fashioned, European way, when your boil some water, throw some grounds in, and when the grounds settle you have coffee good enough to salute. My current method is darn near the same, but now we call it a French Press.

The two links above tend to point in opposite directions. Use some common sense. (I know that's in short supply these days). If you want to have an extra cup of coffee, go ahead. But everything in moderation. And take it easy on the cream and sugar. That'll kill you first, for now.


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