As a coffee drinker, moving to a new place can sometimes feel overwhelming. After all, where will you find that perfect latte? The most delicious espresso? Or, if you're hardcore, that expertly brewed black cup of coffee?

It's a question Rachel M. recently posted in the Facebook group, Kalamazoo Foodie.

In her post, she asks,

I’m relatively new to the area and looking for a coffee shop/cafe with good coffee, WiFi, and indoor seating where I can set up shop for an hour or two and knock out some work. Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

As it turns out, there are a plethora of coffee shops in the Kalamazoo area that offer comfortable cafe space along with delicious coffee. Here are at least 10:

(keep in mind, with the ongoing pandemic there may be a chance that cafe spaces will be closed. Always double check before visiting.)

1. Walnut & Park

First on the list is Walnut & Park which was suggested a number of times on the original post. Aside from coffee, Walnut & Park serves a number of baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch options too. As well, they just opened a second location close to downtown Kalamazoo. Find their full menu and more on their website.

2. Paradise Cafe 

Paradise Cafe was also suggested a number of times. Specifically, Renee T. said, "recommend the Honey/lavender latte," which does sound delicious. Along with their unique coffee flavors, Paradise Cafe serves an impressive variety of crepes as well as smoothies and milkshakes. Find their full menu, location, and hours on their website.

3. Five Lakes Coffee 

One of the newer additions to the Kalamazoo area, Five Lakes Coffee recently opened on W. Main Street. They serve specialty coffees, those tried and true favorites like Americano and Cold Brew, teas, and baked goods too. They also offer a "coffee of the day" to offer even more variety. Find their locations, which span across Michigan and Indiana, and their full menu here.

4. Fourth Coast Cafe & Bakery 

According to their website, Fourth Coast Cafe & Bakery is all about you starting your day at your own pace. When visiting their page, you're greeted with a message that says, "We are happy to be fully open again and welcome everyone back! So feel free to come in, read a book. meet a friend, or grab a special treat for here or to-go. You can enjoy your day at your own pace." Their coffee menu ranges from Chai Lattes to something called the 'Sinking Ship'. For their full menu, it would be better to visit their Facebook page.

5. Water Street Coffee 

All in all, Water Street Coffee has 5 locations throughout the Kalamazoo area most of which have cafes where you can relax with your beverage of choice. What sets Water Street apart is the fact that their food is handmade. And, their menu is diverse. You'll find items like a black bean and sweet potato burrito, a bacon jalapeno popper sandwich, a brie and apple jam biscuit, and more. As far as their coffees go, this is probably particular to me but, if you love a little chocolate with your hot coffee they have a ton of options utilizing chocolate as a flavor. Find their full menu here.

6. Factory Coffee 

Suggested by Dorothy R., she says that Factory Coffee has a "very cool vibe." You'll find your typical options like a Flat White, a Mocha, Matcha Lattes, and a lot more. But, what makes Factory Coffee unique is the fact that they use a zero-emissions roaster for their coffee. That means that they have effectively reduced the carbon footprint of each pound of coffee by 90%. Find their full menu, read more about their sustainability mission, and more on their website.

7. Caffe Casa 

Located in downtown Kalamazoo, Caffe Casa has an impressive selection of coffee with all kinds of flavors. Their baked goods are also homemade and they have lunches that are made to order. Their cafe atmosphere is said to be very relaxing, as well, as you'll be surrounded by plants and artwork. Find their full menu here.

8. Chocolatea

Chocolatea is located Portage and has a dining room that is now re-opened. As the name would suggest, you'll have plenty of options if you find yourself with a sweet tooth. But, Chocolatea serves a number of savory coffees, teas, boba teas, and specialty coffees that change seasonally. Learn more here.

9. Coffee Rescue 

Coffee Rescue is also located in Portage and, as the above post suggests, they offer sugar-free flavors for their coffees. This woman-owned coffee shop originally started as a food truck that was converted from an old ambulance. Hence the name Coffee Rescue. Opening a physical store in April of 2021, they serve all the favorites and have vegan options as well. Read more here.

10. Happy Days Cafe

Self-titled as Mattawan's favorite local coffee shop and gathering place, Happy Days Cafe wounds like a great place to "chill". They serve a number of specialty coffee drinks as well as French or Italian sodas. Find their full menu on their Facebook page.

There were over 30 comments with plenty of suggestions for great, local coffee spots on the original Facebook post. See all of them here.

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