Need a great cup of coffee? Might as well support these local shops.

I'm painfully aware that millennials (me) have gained a reputation for spending "too much" money on fancy coffees. Without fail, if I bring up house prices being incredibly high, someone will say, "Well, stop spending all your money on those lattes!"

Regardless, every once in a while, a girl just needs a nice cup of coffee that she didn't have to make herself!

If you find yourself in the same boat, here are at least 5 local coffee shops you can support in the Kalamazoo area. This includes Portage, too.

1. Coffee Rescue 

Coffee Rescue, in Portage, has been serving the community for the past 10 years. They actually started as a food truck but now have a storefront on Portage Road. You'll find everything from bagged coffee to paninis to espresso drinks and everything in between.

You can find their menu and their full backstory on their website or follow them on Facebook for updates.

2. Factory Coffee

Factory Coffee is a family-owned coffee business in the Kalamazoo area. They do have two physical locations but, you'll also find their bagged coffee at different stores throughout the area.

Factory Coffee also prides itself on being inclusive both with its team which is comprised of artists, plant-lovers, creatives, and more. And, they source their coffee from farms around the world that are actively taking measures to be community-driven. You can read more on their website where you'll also find their locations, menu, and more. Or, find them on Facebook.

3. Chocolatea 

Hot lattes, specialty teas, lunch items, and sweet treats all await you at Chocolatea. They've been open in the Portage area since 2008 and even won the Celebrated Service Award in 2017, according to their website. You can find their full menu, location, and hours on their website or find them on Facebook.

4. Something's Brewing 

Dubbed Kalamazoo's Original Coffee House, Something's Brewing has been open since 1984. Besides coffee, they serve specialty sandwiches, quiches, and homemade pastries like the one pictured above. While they don't have an official website that I can find, you can find them on Facebook.

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5. Cafe Cassa 

Located in downtown Kalamazoo, Cafe Casa is such a vibe (if I can be cliche for a moment). When you walk in, you're greeted with artwork and makes you just want to sink into a chair with a warm cup of your favorite brew. Their menu includes coffee, teas, lunch items like croissant sandwiches, and more. Find their full menu on their website and look for updates on Facebook.

There are a ton of local coffee shops, and locally owned businesses in general, that can always use support from the community. These are just a few of the many choices for coffee in our area.

Yes, chain coffee shops are convenient. But, if you have some extra time, make sure to stop in and say hello to your favorite local coffee shop.

Looking for a coffee shop where you can just chill out? Check them out below:

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