Warning: This story contains MASSIVE CUTENESS.

Coco Wheat 2

Meet Coco Wheat, a tiny little thing who had an untraditional start to her life. Not too long ago, the SPCA of SW Michigan took in a large amount of dogs from a puppy mill. One of those dogs happened to be pregnant and soon gave birth to little Coco Wheat along with her brothers and sisters.

Coco Wheat is perhaps the quietest puppy I've ever encountered. Even at her most excited this morning she barely made a noise. She is a lover and her priority seems to be cuddling. I mean...just look.

Coco Wheat 3

When I say this puppy is tiny, I'm not exaggerating. It felt like she weighed, maybe, a pound and it's expected that she'll remain a smaller dog. She is a mixed breed so that's just an assumption. For comparison here she is next to my headphones...

Coco Wheat 1

Coco Wheat is vaccinated, fixed, and ready for her new home! Now, with cuteness like that I wouldn't be surprised if she found an new home quickly but, like I wrote earlier, she is part of a litter that is also ready for adoption.

If you're interested make sure you arrange a meet and greet with your other dogs, if you have any, and make sure you bring a copy of your lease if you're renting. If you own your home, you're good to go!

Now, if, like me, you want to help the animals but aren't in a place where you can financially adopt another pet there are plenty of ways you can help out. The SPCA is always in need of volunteers for a number of departments. And since the world is, finally, starting to get back to normal the SPCA of SW Michigan is going to need all the help they can get. If you'd be interested in volunteering you can find more information here.

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Remember, puppies are ADORABLE. And because of that it may, at times, be easier to find them homes. However, there are plenty of adult animals that are looking for their forever homes. See who's available for adoption here.

And, as always, if the most you can do to help is simply sharing these stories so we can continue to help the SPCA, that's plenty! ❤️

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