Have you ever wondered how they keep the runways clear at the airport during the winter time? Now we know! The Gerald R. Ford International Airport released a video of a piece of equipment called the "Snow Wolf".

This giant snowblower can throw snow 150-200 feet depending on the weight of the snow and the wind. In the video below, the snow was being thrown around 175 feet! The "Snow Wolf" can clear 7,500 tons of snow in an hour, at 25 mph. That's a LOT of snow!

Like so many others, I was going to mention how cool this would be to use this equipment to clear my snow. However, the Gerald R. Ford International Airport warns that if you were to use this on your driveway, you'd be burying homes 3-4 houses away. I'm not sure my neighbors would appreciate that!

Here is the video of the "Snow Wolf" clearing snow recently at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Here a video from the manufacturer showing off the "Snow Wolf"

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