It sounds like the City of Kalamazoo is done messing around. They want you to clear your sidewalk. Now.The city manager's office issue a release today "reminding" home owners to clear their sidewalks because "many Kalamazoo residents rely on public sidewalks each day, including children walking to school and residents with mobility difficulties."

Since the winter of 2017-18 is a little harsher than in the past few years, people living in Kalamazoo have gotten a little lax or soft, in clearing a path. So, the release comes with a link to the law. and a warning, in stern language.

In case any person who shall have caused the same shall neglect or refuse to remove any obstruction, encumbrance, encroachment, merchandise, snow, ice or rubbish from the streets or walks in front of the lot owned or occupied by him, or from the alley adjacent thereto, after having been notified so to do at the direction of the Chief of Police or other authorized officer, the City may, if it shall deem it for the public interest, cause the same to be removed at once, and the expense of such removal may be recovered against the person so neglecting or refusing to remove the same, in an action of assumpsit, in the name of the City, with costs of suit, in addition to any fine to which such person may be liable. -Kalamazoo city ordinance

(By the way, if you click the link and scroll down, you'll find out what you can't do in roller skates and on skateboards.)

The same release sums up the problem, but like your grandmother, backs off a bit in the 2nd item.

  1. All snow and ice which has accumulated on the adjacent public sidewalk should be removed in a timely fashion. Immediately after the accumulation of ice on such a sidewalk it is recommended that it be treated with sand, salt or other substance to prevent it from being slippery.
  2. Please exercise caution and care when shoveling, especially during extreme cold.

Here's where feuds start and neighbor takes up arms against neighbors. The city says you can call (269) 337-8215 during regular business hours to report locations which may be of concern or visit

Good luck as you persevere through the winter.



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