This is a day that you take a deep breath and thank the heavens that 2 children were found unharmed after being kidnapped during a carjacking.

This morning around 9:20 my phone started beeping a strange alert I was not familiar with. I checked the phone  and discovered it was an amber alert for 2 small children kidnapped just South of Flint during a carjacking.

My stomach turned...

At 7 am this morning on South Saginaw Street in Burton, just South of Flint, a mother of two stopped at the Admiral Gas station to pick up a few things. As she was walking back to her dark blue Monte Carlo, she saw a heavy set black man wearing a red hoddie jump in her car and race away. I can't even think about how her world must of collapsed around her.

The woman's two children, 2 year old Arinna, and 9 month old Lincoln were in the backseat of the car. She watched as here children were stolen.

For the next few hours the authorities took control and were able to locate the children and the stolen vehicle (not that the car means anything compared to life of this poor woman's children).

According to the the children were found unharmed but...

  "Other details about the recovery were not immediately released."

The state police are currently searching for a black man, who is 5'8 and 300 pounds, wearing a red hoodie/sweatshirt.

If you have any information about this horrific kidnapping please call 911 immediately or 1-810-742-2542


According to the website,

"Carjacking has become one of the most prevalent crimes in many parts of the world. Most carjackings occur for the sole purpose of taking the car; it is a crime without a political agenda and does not specifically target Americans."


How can you and you family stay safe against a carjacking?

The first step to avoiding an attack is to stay alert at all times and be aware of your environment. The most likely places for a carjacking are:

  • High crime areas 
  • Lesser traveled roads (rural areas) 
  • Intersections where you must stop 
  • Isolated areas in parking lots 
  • Residential driveways and gates
  • Traffic jams or congested areas also mentioned a tactics that are used by criminals when attempting to carjack someone

The Bump - This is when you are bumped or taped by the vehicle behind you. When you get out of your car to exchange information, or access the damage, the crook steals your car.

The Good Samaritan - The criminals stage an accident, when you pull over to assist, they take your car.

The Ruse - the vehicle behind you starts flashing their lights, honking their horn, or waving at you to get you to pull over thinking there is something wrong with your car. When you get out, they take your car.

The Trap - I find this one most disturbing. With the use of surveillance, the thieves  follow you home and take your car when you are stepping out of it.

I suppose the best advice is to be aware of what is happening around you, and never take chances. I am so happy that the children have been found safe, and hats off to the Michigan State Police for making that happen!



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