This may be the most Michigan sport I can think of, besides maybe beer Olympics. Cherry Republic is one of the biggest names in Michigan, and it's humble beginnings started out only as a t-shirt. Now, with multiple stores and all sorts of amazing products made from Michigan cherries, like chocolate covered cherries, cherry coffee (SLAP), cherry wine, cherry gummies and more, this once small business is now BIG business.

But it's their location in Glen Arbor that has something very unique no other location has. It has America's ONLY Certified Championship Cherry Pit Spitting Arena. That's right, it's an arena where you can attempt to set the record for the farthest cherry pit spit out of your mouth. Scottman895 is a travel Vlogger and documented his experience visiting the arena which he considered one of the cooler parts of his visit:

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Glen Arbor contains a few stores along M-22 as well as the Cherry Republic which is home to many cherry products from cherry pie, cherry salsa, cherry cola, and cherry wine. I even get to try some of the cherry products in the video. The Cherry Republic also is home to a cherry pit spitting arena which I find quite amusing!

If you're able to get some serious distance on a pit, you could eventually qualify for the pit spitting Olympics, which take place in Eau Claire, Michigan every summer. The current Guinness World Record is 30.6 meters. How far do you think you could spit a pit?

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