If you want to get lost in a great book, check out 'Stratagem' by Brandy Shooks!

Tess Taylor and I have the awesome opportunity to interview local author Brandy Shooks about her new book 'Stratagem'.

Brandy is a English teacher, for not only the public school system, but teaches on the college level as well. Brandy said she...

"was inspired to write her novel 'Stratagem' after watching many students fall in love with reading."

The book is written for young adults, but the novel very well could be enjoyed by adults.

"Two years ago, Silas Pokagon's life shattered in an instant and after endless searching; he will finally understand why his destiny is greater then he could ever have anticipated."

The back of the novel goes onto explain the plot...

His life changed when he met Ruby, an eccentric, but beautiful girl with a familiar tattoo on her shoulder. The legends surrounding the Potawatomi American Indian tribe lead Silas and Ruby down a path that will either save the world or eventually destroy it."

Such an exciting plot, I can not wait to read it and find out how the story ends!

If you would like to win a copy of Brandy Shooks new book 'Stratagem', just go to "Win Stuff" at WKFR.com

An exciting night is planned for the release for Brandy's new novel. Bandy is having a book signing tonight (Friday 2/18) at 'The Local Grind Coffee House in Delton,  at 7 pm. Books will be available for purchase at the signing for only $10.00.

Could be a nice way to spend a Friday night with the young adult in your life.



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