If you live in, near or ever frequent Mattawan, you've more than likely seen the bridge that you pass under at the intersection where Glidden Ave, 26th St., and 60th Ave come together. As someone who lived out in Mattawan for some of 2018 and 2019, I would drive by the bridge everyday going to and from work. The bridge is a magnet for graffiti and sometimes crude, tasteless drawings or words by local paint taggers.

The foundations themselves have been in need of a face-lift as well as the art that regularly makes an appearance. A local artist in the area, Jesse Sugden wanted to do his best to bring new life to the bridge, as he's started to paint a mural of what appeared to be Mattawan on the North facing bridge wall.

TSM Mark Frankhouse
TSM Mark Frankhouse

After much hard work and effort put in by Jesse, the mural is now complete and it looks amazing. The project was completed in about a week and the community really came together back Jesse up on the project. Let's hope it stands, un-defaced as a reminder of what a beautiful town Mattawan is.

Finished Mattawan Mural

The other side of the bridge however is in need of a makeover as well. Unfortunately the supplies for such a project do come with a cost, so Jesse is accepting donations which will go directly into the remodeling of the other side of the bridge. Donations can be made here. The hope is that with enough donations he can begin the project very soon.

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