A lot of funny April Fool's Day pranks via social media yesterday. But I was ready for those. One got past me. Early in the day, best time to score.

Movie critic Richard Roeper's video of the "10 most overrated movies ever" is pretty funny.

Also, you may have run across some of the goofy products ads (Taco Rum??), and  Google does something inspired every year. (Shelfies was introduced to you if you logged into the desktop version of GMail.)

Here's another techie related one...

But the one that got me was a simple post from my friend Sam, who's a big Tigers fan. In fact, he and his daughter went to Comerica on Monday for Opening Day. So I open up Facebook yesterday morning, and his post read: Injury bug hitting Tiger's yet again. Verlander on 60 day DL with tight shoulder". Whaat? I'm not even a Tiger fan, but I feel for my friends who are, because I know most Tiger fans really believe this group can win a World Series. It took me a few seconds to catch myself and realize what day it is, but still.

Sometimes plain and simple works really effectively.


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