Blaz Kure

Sometimes your life can change in a New York minute. Bryce Dudol wasn't planning a career in music. He was just delivering a pizza in Shelby Township.

While he was waiting to get paid, he was admiring the piano in the living room. The owners asked if he wanted to play it. And then this.

What's amazing, Bryce taught himself to play the piano. What's more, he hadn't been playing much recently, and isn't, or rather, wasn't all that interested in pursuing music any further.

But, as WXYZ reported, after the pizza eating family posted the video of him playing, the video went viral.

And, of course, all of us media types started writing about it, so now Bryce is starting to think about maybe something in the world of music. Though, maybe there's another angle for him here: delivering pizzas to families with pianos, and serenading them. You have to think it would get big tips. And for the families, it got to be better than anchovies.


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