Hey Michigan, did you know that you can get rubbers sent to you through the mail? This is something that's brand new to me. Not that I'm in any kind of situation where that's a necessary shipment to be made, but Michigan is now sending people condoms who need them. Almost like a care package where you don't end up in panic mode 8 months from now. In general, The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is concerned about unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and HIV during the current situation the country is under.

Earlier this year, the Calhoun County Public Health Department joined the statewide "Wear One" initiative which offers the community free condoms but since offices started to close, that direct program became un-operational. Detroit Free Press reports that if can't get condoms you can just send an email to mdhhs-freecondoms@michigan.gov with your name and address, and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will roll you out some condoms through the mail. Get it? Be safe...

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