Well, it can't be avoided, but that doesn't make it any easier to get through. At some point, you know it's going to hurt. Resurfacing on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo starts Monday, May 6th and will mean traffic being narrowed to single lanes during work times..

The Michigan Department of Transportation (M-DOT) says it will be resurfacing 1.2 miles of Stadium Drive from about Seneca Lane (which is near Drake Road, about where the McDonald's is) to Howard Street. The project includes repairs to the concrete pavement, to sidewalks, sidewalk ramps and fresh pavement markers. M-DOT is dropping just less than three quarters of a millions dollars to do this.

While it's going to be a pain for normal people around here,  the project is supposed to be done by July 19th, which, of course, means the work will be done in between the two big semesters (Fall and Spring) at Western Michigan University, and ideally won't affect those approaching Western's campus from the east side of Kalamazoo.


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