Good news for all you coffee lovers out there, the new mini Biggby Coffee will be opening up sometime in November of 2021. For months we've seen this little drive thru Biggby being constructed in front of the Meijer located at 6660 W. Main in Kalamazoo, and have been wondering when they planned on finally opening it. Last week they posted a video announcing their emminent Grand Opening date mid-November.

Back in August, they were originally hoping for an opening date of September 7th, in a post made on their Facebook page:

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We have approval and we're moving forward with construction. If everything goes to plan, we will open on 9/7/21. We'll keep you updated on our progress and let you know when our B-Cubed unit rolls into town.It's pretty fun to watch one of these be built. It's like playing with Legos. You know, if Legos weighed a ton and you needed a crane to put them together!

The announcement came in the middle of Pumpkin Spice Latte season, and people are already excited about the new addition to the parking lot:

YES!!! So excited! On my way to and from school drop-off! I’m happy dancing over here!!! I prefer Biggby over the “other option” EVERY TIME!- Rebecca L.

They've already promised that once they announce their Grand Opening, there will be special deals to celebrate the new location, which I'm sure will be announced within the next week. You can keep an eye on any new announces they make here.

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