Author Scott Stabile brings 'Big Love' to Kalamazoo, and you can share in the experience!

Big Love is a book of big power, and you can meet the author! Consider yourself invited...

Kalamazoo Friends,
It’s time for the BIG LOVE Book Tour, and I'm coming your way.
Join me at Bookbug on October 11th, at 7:00pm.
I’ll be reading a little from Big Love, talking about who knows what, and answering your questions.
Oh, and signing books, of course.
And hugging, obviously.
It’s going to be beautiful.
Also, it’s free.
I can't wait to see you there.

I can not wait to go! Not only for the event itself, but to see an old friend. I meet Scott back in the late 80's when we attended high school together, and yes, he is as kind and loving as he seems. This will be an event that will change how you love and how you are loved!


The Big Love Book Tour

October 11th at 7:00 pm at the 'Bookbug'

The Bookbug is located at  3019 Oakland Drive, Kalamazoo (49008) gives a great synopsis of Scott Stabile's latest book 'Big Love: The Power Of Living With A Wide Open Heart'...

"What happens when you fully commit yourself to love? Endless good, insists Scott Stabile, who found that out by overcoming plenty of bad. His parents were murdered when he was fourteen. Nine years later, his brother died of a heroin overdose. Soon after that, Scott joined a cult that dominated his life for thirteen years before he summoned the courage to walk away. In Big Love, his insightful and refreshingly honest collection of personal essays, Scott relates these profound experiences as well as everyday struggles and triumphs in ways that are universally applicable, uplifting, and laugh-out-loud funny. Whether silencing shame, rebounding after failure, or moving forward despite fears, Scott shares hard-won insights that consistently return readers to love, both of themselves and others."


Glennon Doyle, author of #1 New York Times bestseller Love Warrior  stated...

“I look to Scott for wisdom and leadership and he has delivered both with Big Love. This book opened my heart and mind and I’m forever grateful.”

Elizabeth Gilbert, bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love stated...

"Scott Stabile is a wonderful presence of love, advocacy, warmth, resilience and grace in our world. I adore and admire everything he creates."

Chip Conley, bestseller author of Peak and Emotional Equations stated...

"At the end of life, the core question we ask is, Was I well loved and did I love well? Scott Stabile doesn't wait to as this fundamental question - love is already the center of his solar system. Big Love is an operating manual for living a heart-centered life in good times and bad. I've never read a more poignant and powerful ode to the power of love."



At, Scott said...

About fifteen years ago, a friend asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him I wanted to spread as much love as possible. My answer’s still the same.

I know life isn't always a party. It's often hard, sometimes brutal. My parents were shot to death when I was fourteen. My brother OD'd on heroin nine years later. I grew up around a lot of addiction, dysfunction and tragedy. And with too much shame over the fact that I was gay. I hid my pain, and I hid my truth. Not anymore.

We all have our stories. We all have our pain. I've come to believe the only way to have a chance at healing our wounds is to be honest about them. Brave and willing enough to face them. The healing part may be out of our hands, but the brave and honest part is certainly within our power. And it changes everything.

For me, love supports it all. ALL OF IT. Love is the base note for everything good—compassion, forgiveness, kindness, authenticity—and choices made from love can only serve ourselves and our world positively. Love's got the power.



Jennie and Scott
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