Darb's Tavern & Eatery has been a massive part of Downtown Mason and a staple business in the city for almost 40 years, but recently the owner and staff have gotten themselves into a bit of hot water. According to reports, this most recent Martin Luther King Day, employees of Darb's got together and gave a bi-racial co-worker a gift which they thought to be a very tongue and cheek, lighthearted, inside joke.

The joke and the gift were not taken well. The targeted employee was given a watermelon which was signed with the words "Happy 1/2 MLK" and "Happy Black Day" written on it. After careful consideration and time to process what exactly took place, Kelly Martin Aimery, mother of the affected employee, decided to take the gift public on Facebook to express her discontent and general disgust for the gift...

There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding this facebook post which enraged friends of Aimery, as they demanded the establishment explain the actions of their employees and management. This post was answered swiftly by Owner and manager of Darb's Rob Hearit, admitting that he too had a hand in this insensitive and nieve gift:

Hearit says he and his employees will undergo mandatory diversity and sensitivity training. Other than the Facebook post, Aimery declined to talk about this incident, saying she planned to talk to a lawyer first according to the Lansing State Journal. Aimery's daughter, the employee who received the watermelon, couldn't be reached to comment on further details.




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