The snow is upon us, bundle up in your hats, gloves, scarves, snowsuits, boots, and more as you prepare to hit the slippery slopes. Kalamazoo is littered with the perfect-sized sledding hills to enjoy the fluffy snow.

Whether you choose to head to one of the local parks, the many golf courses, or even public school properties you are bound to have the time of your life. Gather the family and grab those sleds because it's time to hit the hills as these are the best places to go sledding in Kalamazoo.

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While scrolling through the Kalamazoo Reddit page, I came across a post that made me go "man, I sure would be bundled up, sledding, and drinking hot coffee around this time." As someone asked about sledding in the area as you can see below:

Sliding To School

Ironically, some of the best places to enjoy your day sledding are at schools. Schools like Maple Street Magnet School, Woodland Elementary, Woods Lake Elementary, and even Heritage Hall on Western Michigan University's campus are top-tier options.

All of these options are free for both parking and sledding and offer different-sized hills, with Maple Street and Woods Lakes being the most "perfect" of the four in my opinion. Woodland is a nice size for children but could be seen as small by some, Heritage Hall is GIGANTIC, even to the tune where Reddit user @AdMany1726 says

"Make sure you can cover your ER visit copay before you try this one."

Playing At The Park

There are a plethora of parks in the Kalamazoo area that have hills worth sledding on. The best part about parks is they are open and free from dawn to dusk and there are normally other families there so parents can drink hot chocolate/coffee together while the children sled.

Some of the best parks in the area are Kindleberger park in Parchment, Oakland Drive Park in Portage, and even Spring Valley Park in Kalamazoo have spectacular hills to take for a spin. These are few and far between but are normally less crowded which means there's almost always fresh snow.

Going Golfing

Golf courses are always one of the first places that come to mind when asked for sledding recommendations. Golf courses are littered with hills and slopes providing high-speed sledding lanes.

Hickory Ridge and Milham Park golf courses are the first two from the Kalamazoo area that jumps out for the sledding conversation. Milham Park is more popular and has average-sized hills that will be good for all ages, meanwhile, Hickey Ridge has some larger hills and is more suitable for older kids and adults.

Adult Adventures

Who says that sledding has to only be for children? I think this could be one of those activities that's more fun after indulging in adult beverages. Imagine going out with a few friends and crushing some peppermint bailey's spiked hot chocolate and then hitting the hills, that sounds like fun to me!

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