Just a lazy Sunday and I found this treasure in the garbage 

While taking a stroll on  Sunday evening with my pup, I discovered this great cabinet. It was tilted against the dumpster down the road from my place and I could not resist swiping this old fashioned chest for my place.

It's not in perfect condition, but it is nice and with a little elbow grease, it will be awesome. At a garage sale I would have paid for it, but I found it free! Totally worth the slight embarrassment of having neighbors watch me pick through the trash.

Other things I found for free, mostly on Craigslist (and not as great as my find, expect for one)...

  • Free dirt
  • Free run down tires (great for a tire swing I suppose)
  • Free waste oil - automotive (Wwhhhaaattttt?!?)
  • Free cinder blocks
  • Free "Pile of stuff" - Must take all
  • Free fire wood
  • Free Calico Cat/white kitten (now that is an amazing find)!

The only thing better, would be a sweet kitty. I think it was worth looking like a crazy lady to wrangle this winner!

Here's to summer dumpster diving!

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