Today, October 14th, 2022, is National Dessert Day. And, as someone who will always excitedly say yes to pretty much any kind of dessert, I absolutely will be using this day as an excuse to treat myself to some delicious desserts.

But, where to go?

A quick Google search led me to Yelp which lists the most popular places for dessert in both Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Are these the favorites among the locals? That's hard to tell. But, these places certainly have high ratings.

Here are eight spots to snag some yummy desserts in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo:


1. Paradise Cafe 

Paradise Cafe is a creperie. Yes, their menu includes crepes that are more savory than sweet like their Feta & Spinach crepe.

But, their dessert crepes look divine. You can find flavors like cinnamon rolls, KitKat rolls, Oreos, strawberry bananas, and more. Or, build your own.

Find their full menu, hours, and all other information on their website.

2. Chocolatea

Located in Portage, Chocolatea serves up tea (obviously) and some delicious sweets. They also have a food menu with sandwiches, quiches, and more should you want to dine in.

Otherwise, check their case for macarons, brownies, chocolates, lemon bars, and so on. You can see their full menu here. And, follow them on Facebook for updates and specials.

3. Specialty Cheesecake & Dessert Company 

According to Yelp, Specialty Cheesecake & Dessert Company is another provider of yummy sweets. They don't have a physical location but, they partner with a few local businesses. Y

ou can find a list of core cheesecake flavors like plain, turtle, lemon, and more on their website where you can also preorder for catering and special events. But, you can also find an additional 8-10 flavors that change weekly by following them on Facebook.

By the way, the businesses they partner with are Kazoopy's (Westwood location), Skinny Kenny's, and Barrett's Smokehouse.

4. Armorino Gelato 

Amorino Gelato is actually an international brand. They're very popular in France but, they do have a singular location in Michigan and that's in Sawall Health Foods in Kalamazoo.

You can find more information on their website but, I must warn you, it's in French. You can also look for updated flavors on their Facebook page.

Those are just a few of the best spots for dessert in Kalamazoo listed on Yelp. Find the full list here. Now, onto Battle Creek.

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Battle Creek

1. JJ's Bakery

This bakery was started by the owner, Jordan, at the age of 13. Thirteen! That's incredible. There's no physical storefront (yet) but, JJ's does do pop-ups at local businesses and shows in Battle Creek.

In fact, they'll be at Battle Creek's last Night Market tonight. Find more details on the pop-up here. And check out his full menu of sweets here.

2. Simply Sensational Berries 

Located in downtown Battle Creek, Simply Sensational Berries has a grab-and-go case filled with goodies along with a full menu you can order from. You'll find everything from cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cheesecake bites, and even chocolate-covered bacon. If you have a special request or a need for catering, they can do that too.

Find their full menu, catering information, and more on their website.

3. Continental Pastries & Deli 

Continental Pastries & Deli offers catering, full cakes, ice cream, and a lot more. Their Dutch Almond Cookies look especially mouth-watering. They also offer a lunch menu with sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

Find all of their information and a full menu on their website.

4. Mr. Don's

Mr. Don's is a full-service restaurant. You'll find tacos, burgers, chili dogs, and more on their menu. However, their dessert menu looks delectable. Especially, if you love things deep-fried. They have deep-fried Oreos, deep-fried Pop-Tarts, and even a deep-fried PB&J. Yes, they do curbside pickup.

Find their full menu, hours, and location here.

Yelp isn't as inclusive for Battle Creek area restaurants but, you can find their full list of where to find delicious desserts here. You can find even more spots from

Hopefully, those eight places will be a start for satisfying your sweet tooth on this National Dessert Day.

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