I should have known, as there is a day for darn near everything. Now, while there are plenty of examples of great one hit wonder songs, there are also a few that, looking back, you could accurately say, "what the heck were we thinking" (Or smugly say "I told you so.").

In no particular order, here are five cringe-worthy one hit wonders.

1. Macarena...Los Del Rio
2. Barbie Girl...Aqua
3. I'm Too Sexy...Right Said Fred
4. Friday...Rebecca Black
5. You're Beautiful....James Blunt.

Sure, the first three are all, to some degree, "novelty" songs. A good litmus test is, do you ever want to hear any of these songs even when you've had a bellyful of booze at a wedding reception?  I don't remember the story behind Friday, but I seem to recall it being "pre-fab". And Blunt's song, is just plain fingernails on a chalkboard depressing.




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