Just wanted to give you the heads up: My (Dave Benson's) History of Rock...on a Roll montage is back this New Year's Weekend, but for only two airings.The History of Rock...on a Roll Montage is the hooks from every song that made it to the #1 position on the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 chart (and it's predecessors) beginning with "Rock around the Clock" in 1955, all the way to the number 1 song in the country right now. (No spoiler alert...You'll have to listen to hear what it is)

That's 63+ years of hit songs, in a little less than two hours. We used to play it straight through back when it ran about an hour, but now we break it up by decades, and then break to give your mind a change to digest what it's just heard.

But when you listen, you'll hear how music has changed. You'll hear not only trends and styles come and go, but also changes in our society. You'll hear a lot of major stars, but also a fair amount of one-hit wonders. And you may hear yourself thinking "butwhatabout" certain songs. Remember, a lot of really big hits never made it to number one. Some stalled out at #2 or in some cases, the song was never released as a single. The best example of that is Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. It was never released by the record company as a single, and never did the chart thing.

People over the years have been very kind with compliments, for which I'm truly grateful. One thing people ask is, how can I get a copy of this. Well, sorry, but you can't. We don't own the copyrights to all the songs. So, while we can play it on the radio, etc., we can't make digital copies.

So when can you hear this colossus? It will play Sunday afternoon, New Year's Eve (12/31) at 5pm. And we'll do an encore on New Year's morning (1/1/18) at 8am, 103.3 KFR, and on all our platforms. wkfr.com, on the wkfr smartphone app, and on Amazon Alexa.

If you go into wikipedia, you can find the yearly number one songs, to follow along, but if it's your first time hearing it, don't peak until you've heard it straight through.

BONUS VIDEO (How to Listen to the Montage on Alexa)

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