Sit down, kids. Let me tell you a story you'll be passing down to your grandchildren someday. It was the day I was down with a horrible cold, yet was able to enjoy an Oberon on it's day.

Kirk Gibson
Getty Images; Mike Powell

Yes, this is how legends are born. It all started late on Friday, as Spring officially began. The irony was, I had gone through the entire winter without getting sick. First time, long time. And here as spring was starting, I had a sore throat, and with a few hours came the runny nose and the feverish headache.

And then like Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series, when he was basically playing on one leg, yet came off the bench to hit a walk-off home run to win the game, I managed to roll out of bed, dress myself, meet up with friends and drink an Oberon with only one nostril working properly.

This, my friends, is the stuff that legends come from.

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