Bell's Brewery has spiffed up its already popular and highly acclaimed beer tours in Comstock.

Bell’s says it has debuted "a handful of improvements that have been in the works for months as part of enhancing its tour program."

For some it may seem like yesterday, but Larry Bell started doing this brewery thing seriously some thirty five years ago, and now

"Bell’s tour guests can.... explore the history of one of the oldest craft brewers east of the Mississippi River with a comprehensive 50-foot timeline. They can also be able to purchase exclusive merchandise and see pieces of Bell’s history like the soup pot that started it all. These installations will enhance our ability to tell our story with visual elements and pieces of our history - a more complete experience,” said Shelly Claflin, Bell’s Tour Manager. “We’ve literally added a huge splash of color to our tour space with this new timeline exhibit and are very excited to take the visitor experience to the next level. Providing stellar hospitality while sharing the story of Bell’s will continue to be cornerstones of our tour program.” - Bell's PR

Bell's says all tours are free and open to people of all ages. If you are at least 21, samples are included as you browse and learn about Bell’s history. There's also some very interesting Michigan beer history in this tour: plaques detailing the history of fermenters that were once used at the Stroh Brewery Co. in Detroit.

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