The city says it has received "highly inappropriate complaints and messages" on it's Facebook page but it is all a misunderstanding that can be solved with 2 letters.

"Within the past 24 hours there has been an aggressive spike in complaints to the City and PPD apparently involving civil unrest and Antifa groups shutting down streets in Portland, OREGON" begins the message from City Manager Tut Gorman on the City of Portland's Facebook page. Oregon Police have used pepper spray to disperse protesters angry about a demonstration and the whole thing is a little complicated. (Read more here if you want the backstory.)

The City of Two Rivers is a 34 hour drive and more than 2,300 miles from Rose City but the separation of Portland, Michigan and Portland, Oregon means nothing on the internet. One Oregon resident is nonplussed: "I am not at all surprised that this is happening. You should read the comments on the Portland Oregon Police bureau Facebook page." Sarah Hobbs reports that her hometown police force numbers near 1,000 and can't believe there are only 8 on the beat in this small Mid-Michigan town. "Did I read right that you have only 8 officers total on your force?...I can not picture a force of 8 officers. Shoot if you count the dogs as officers our canine unit has 10."

Internet pundits have been berating the PPD without distinguishing between Portland, MI and OR, prompting the City Manager to issue this public service announcement on Facebook:

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