A release from Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Southwest Michigan brings to mind a problem that a lot of well meaning charitable organizations are dealing with in this year like no other, 2020; how do you raise money?

Its pretty safe to say, just plain asking for a donation is as old fashioned as the 1950's. Factor in how many people have lost jobs or hours, many of those demographics are the most charitable people.

And even in the best of times now, you now have to put on some sort of spectacle to get people's attention and you almost have to give them something in return, for that donation. As Big Brothers/Big Sisters says,, "Without dinner ticket sales or a live auction as part our event, Big Brothers Big Sisters stands to lose $175,000 in revenue that directly funds one-to-one mentoring friendships."

About the only things that were possible later this summer were unique outdoor events. But even putting on a charity golf tournament was a dicey proposition. Many organizations also do fancy charity dinners with auctions. It appears that those kind of events are pretty much out of the question until maybe second quarter 2021.

Another long time annual event, Roofsit fell short of its goal, partly due to a big component of the donations was students either going around and asking fellow students for a donation, or for older kids, helping pump gas for tips. Since schools have been closed since March, students weren't an option.

If you'd lie to help out an organization like Big Brother/Big Sisters, they have links where to donate on their individual websites. And if you call them, they might have events you may want to participate in.

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