No one could make a television series about the history of cereal and not visit Cereal City USA, Battle Creek, Michigan.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that a film crew making a show about cereal would be in town filming.

With a working title of the Messy History of American Food, the show is being targeted for Discovery+ streaming service as well as the Food Network.

The Battle Creek Regional History Museum shared photos of the shoot on Facebook and this info:

The crew filming the program will be working at different sites in our community, including the Post Factory, The Adventist Village, the Federal Center, the Chamber of Commerce, the BC Regional History Museum, and others. They will also be filming in Ann Arbor and Wisconsin, before returning to Los Angeles to put the program together.

Being familiar with Battle Creek you can speculate as to why the film crew was at each location. The Post factory is, of course obvious. The Adventist Village speaks to the religious tie-in to the introduction of cereal grains to the American diet and espousing a vegetarian lifestyle while the Federal Center was once the Sanitarium was the health spa managed by J.H. Kellogg.

So if you spot a film crew around town, know that we're set to be in the national spotlight for cereal lovers once again.

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