Spread the word... the Pancake House in Battle Creek is opening in less than a week.

Mark your calendar and make sure you are hungry because Battle Creek's Pancake House announced they will be reopening for the first time in many months. At 7:00 a.m. March 2, the Pancake House will open its doors to serve breakfast.

TSM/Lacy James
TSM/Lacy James

Many businesses, especially those small and locally owned, have had an incredibly difficult time staying afloat and navigating the pandemic. Some in the community worried that after being closed for so long that the Pancake House may never reopen.

In mid-January 2021, a fundraiser was started to help the owner of the family-run breakfast establishment that has been in the community for over 50 years. The fundraiser was not only set up to offset the financial losses of being shutdown but to also help fund long-term improvements to allow for the community breakfast mainstay to continue serving future generations.

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It's not hard to see why the Pancake House has endeared itself with members of the community as many can confirm business deals and decisions that have had long-term impacts on the community were decided over breakfast and coffee at the restaurant. Some couples have even stated that their relationships were cemented over a stack of syrup drizzled pancakes at 185 Capital Avenue S.W.

If you would like to contribute to the Pancake House fundraiser, click here.

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