A Battle Creek man is in police custody after setting his vehicle on fire and stealing red bull and beer.

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Some people want to see the world burn. A Battle Creek man allegedly entered the Meijer gas station on Columbia Avenue around 3:20 a.m. Friday, March 11, 2022, and purchased gas for his vehicle. It may be a decision that was not well thought out.

After purchasing the gasoline, the man exited the store. A few minutes later, the man's vehicle was on fire. The man allegedly reentered the store and stole beer and red bull energy drinks. The man left the gas station and began heading east on foot before Battle Creek police caught up with him.

The Battle Creek Fire Department responded to the fire call and found a small sedan on fire adjacent to the gas pumps. Firefighters began efforts to douse the flames and crews engaged the emergency shut-off for the fuel pump, according to a release.

Thankfully there were no injuries. Police say it appears that the man intentionally started the fire. He is described as a Battle Creek resident in his 50s and was taken into custody being intoxicated and retail fraud.

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