This may come to a surprise to everyone, but Battle Creek in fact has NEVER had a single Bigfoot sighting. As a matter of fact, all of Van Buren County has never had a bigfoot sighting. That's according to the Bigfoot Field Researches Organization (BFRO), who say there have been a grand total of 225 total official sighting reports throughout the state. The most recent sighting took place in January 30th, 2021 in Menominee County near Faithorn, as coyote hunters Tyler Bray and his three friends watched an upright figure at night in woodline with glowing yellowish eyes.

Van Buren isn't the only Southwest Michigan county to have never spotted Bigfoot, as they're joined  by Antrim, Branch, Clare, Clinton, Eaton,
Genesee, Houghton, Lapeer, Macomb, Newaygo, Oakland, Saginaw, Shiawassee, and St. Joseph counties to not have one official sighting. What does Bigfoot have against us?

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As far as Kalamazoo County is concerned, we've had 3 official sightings reported:

  • May 2002 (Class A) - Nighttime sighting by four witnesses, near Plainwell
  • Spring 1989 (Class A) - Multiple encounters, multiple witnesses, dating back to 60's
  • Spring 1969-1979 (Class A) - Multiple childhood interactions recalled by a woman who grew up near Kalamazoo

The woman who claimed to have been visited by Bigfoot over the course of 10 years, described an occurrence back around 1969:

I heard a low guttural growl coming from the side of the house. My parents were not home and it was dark outside. Our house is completely surrounded by woods. I heard large heavy stepping, something with great weight was moving slowly along the house to where I was sitting. I stood up and walked off the porch and headed down the driveway towards the neighbor's home. Once I had made it down the driveway my friend pulled up in her car. I could see her looking at something on the side of our house. When I opened the car door I looked back at the house and saw a large figure peeking around the corner of the house

Fascinating Bigfoot Reports From Each Michigan County

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, it's still really entertaining to read about all of the times people claim they have come into contact with the creature. Below we're going to go through Michigan county by county and detail the most interesting Bigfoot encounter that's been reported there.

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