An Indianapolis man wearing a Batman mask flipped off police after threatening gas station employees with a possible gun.

Last Sunday Morning a 35-year-old man wearing a Batman mask claimed he had a gun and threatened the staff of a Speedway gas station in Merrillville.  Bruce Wayne, I mean Jason Martin of Indianapolis led the police on a chase after fleeing the scene.  During the chase the suspect allegedly made an "obscene gesture" at law enforcement.

The suspect was driving dangerously in his attempt to get away from the police according to,

Martin made two illegal U-turns on Broadway, displayed his middle finger toward officers, drove into oncoming traffic and stopped near 81st Avenue and Georgia Street

I'm not sure if the man actually thought he was a super hero.  For some reason he thought approaching the officers who had their guns drawn and then resisting arrest was a good idea.  The scuffle resulted in an officer injury.  The Merrillville police officers on the scene attempted to gain control using their tasers with no success.  They were able to take Martin into custody after a K-9 bit the suspect according to police reports obtained by

When asked about this Indiana caper the Joker said, "We stopped checking for monsters under our bed when we realized they were inside us.”  OK, he actually said that in a Batman movie.

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