I've said it many times and I'll say it again: the building at 1259 Lincoln Road in Allegan is cursed.

An Allegan native, I've lost count of how many businesses have failed in that location. Although the building is conveniently located directly off of M-89, the main thoroughfare that passes through the city, the retail space seems to be bad luck for any business that opens there.

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Just in my lifetime alone I've seen the space operate as a bank, ice cream parlor, Chinese restaurant, pasty shop, burrito place, and most recently it was the M-89 Bistro.

Within the last 7 months the property has changed hands three times, with the current owners set to open the restaurant space as Bambino's Food Shack. However, my fellow Allegan residents and I can't help but wonder: what makes the new owners think they'll have better luck this time around?

"Coming Soon"

After M-89 Bistro's extremely short-lived run a "for rent" sign went up in the restaurant's windows. However, just as soon as the sign went up it seemed to come right back down as new owners had apparently taken over. I pass this location daily and never noticed any updates until one day the sign out front was changed to read: Bambino's Food Shack- Coming Soon.

The sign has read "Coming Soon" for the last several months! I hadn't heard any word on the streets of Allegan, so I decided to do what any curious citizens does and I turned to my local Facebook group. It seemed no one there had any information to offer either! I was met with:

  • "Well I suppose they will be open when they are ready to be open and most likely there will be a sign up when they are close to being ready" - Lena Buys
  • "New owner is having some health issues. I'm sure it will open in time." - Sara Sanders

The Curse

I can't help but wonder if "the curse" of 1259 Lincoln Road is hitting Bambino's Food Shack before it can even open! In Allegan we truly thought Burrito Boss would break the cycle, having occupied the building for over three years before closing in January of this year. Is every business that occupies that building doomed to fail?

Allegan's Burrito Boss is Closed

Without warning, the restaurant at 1256 Lincoln Rd in Allegan closed its doors.

Newly Remodeled Historic Allegan Home Hits the Market

Sitting on 1 acre of land, this property was formerly home to the Allegan County Community Foundation and is now a private residence.

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