The sudden closing of the popular Allegan-based Mexican eatery leaves many residents wondering whether the building is cursed or not. Without warning Burrito Boss closed for business on Wednesday, January 19. The restaurant was pretty open about their struggles throughout the pandemic, but what's even more heartbreaking is the fact we didn't even get to say goodbye.

As an Allegan resident myself, I can tell you firsthand that there's a lack of variety when it comes to local eateries. Sure we've got fast food and we've got diners but if you want something out of the box and at a decent price, you'll end up disappointed. That's why we all loved Burrito Boss so much! Not only were they the lone Mexican restaurant in town (Taco Bell doesn't count) but they're also one of the few places in Allegan that delivers and they had great weekly specials. My family and I will miss their $1 taco Thursdays.

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Doomed to Fail?

I'm sure I can speak for most Allegan residents when I say that I truly thought Burrito Boss was going to make it. Unfortunately the restaurant which first opened in 2018 had two things going against them: the first being the location. I'm honestly starting to wonder if the building at 1256 Lincoln Rd. isn't cursed. Having grown up in Allegan I've seen that building change hands numerous times. What was originally a bank has been an ice cream shop, Chinese restaurant, U.P. North Pasty Co., and most recently a Mexican restaurant. Secondly, the global pandemic didn't help much either.

What's Next?

It appears the building has been for sale for a few months and won't sit empty for long. The sign on the door simply says, " M-89 Bistro Coming Soon." Whoever the new owners are, I hope they have better luck and they're able to find a way to break the cycle of doomed businesses at that location.

Allegan's Burrito Boss is Closed

Without warning, the restaurant at 1256 Lincoln Rd in Allegan closed its doors.

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