Without warning Allegan's newest eatery opened for business on Wednesday February 23. It was a major loss for the city when the location's former occupant Burrito Boss suddenly closed, but given the track record of 1256 Lincoln Road in Allegan residents are wondering whether this new business will be the one to break the curse.

Similar to its predecessor, M-89 Bistro describes itself as a Mexican-American style eatery that has, "The most authentic tacos/food you'll ever have!" However, the restaurant wants to make clear this new business has no ties to Burrito Boss and is under completely new ownership.

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The new M-89 Bistro is open for breakfast and lunch only. The limited menu features breakfast sandwiches and breakfast tacos in addition to traditional style tacos and burritos. However, the menu item that has Allegan residents most excited are the birria tacos!

If you're unfamiliar with this style of taco, birria is currently the hottest trend when it comes to Mexican food. TikTok is mostly to blame (or thank!) for birria's sudden rise to popularity but it is not unwarranted as these delicious broth-soaked tacos definitely live up to the hype.

For Allegan residents like myself, we'd have to make the trek to Kalamazoo or Holland in order to get birria tacos. There's even a shop in Grand Rapids that makes a birria pizza! So this is a major improvement when it comes to the limited variety of takeout options in town. That's why it was a major loss when Burrito Boss closed back in January!

Though the offerings are small, M-89 Bistro hopes to add more items in the future, including vegetarian options. They are currently open Monday-Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and serve both all-day breakfast and lunch.

Hopefully this new place has better luck than the bank, ice cream shop, Chinese restaurant, pasty place, and Cali-Mexican eateries that came before it!

Allegan's Burrito Boss is Closed

Without warning, the restaurant at 1256 Lincoln Rd in Allegan closed its doors.

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