This lamb may be the Lance Armstrong of the 4-H community in Ohio.  Will Oprah get involved?

According to,

An award-winning lamb is under investigation after veterinarians at the Logan County Fair discovered illicit drugs in its system.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture says the grand champion market lamb showed by a young 4-H member between July 7-13 tested positive for diuretics before it was sent to slaughter.

Apparently, these drugs can make the animal's muscles feel leaner.  The unfair advantage that gives the animal at the county fair is the least of the problems.  Had this gone undetected before this lamb went to slaughter, people would have unknowingly consumed medicines that could be harmful to humans.

It's fun to joke about this like it's a Lance Armstrong situation.  However, Logan County officials are taking this very seriously according to,

The Department of Agriculture is still investigating the Logan County case and interviewing the parties involved. When it concludes the investigation, the county fair board will determine whether the exhibitor and animal will forfeit their awards.

This little lamb did not go to the market, yet.  They're holding him back until the drugs are no longer in his system.  I guess you can say he's "on the lamb" for the time being.

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